We absolutely love a challenge, if you have a truly unique or bespoke building to build then we would love to talk to you, one cavaet, the building must have “soul” – a particular purpose.

There is little more enganging and thrilling than taking someones dream, the drawings, the concept and bringing it to life with passion and enthusiasm.  

Over many years we have taken on challenges that others have turned away.
We have built in a multitude of materials ranging from soil to straw, to clay, to hempcrete, to porotherm.
Rammed earth, we are one of the very few contractors to have completed this type of work successfully in a commercial environment to a tight programme.
Clay Straw ( Leichtelm) a method used since the beginning of time. 
Clay plasters, and clay / cob work. 
We have designed green roof systems that work on pitches up to 45 degrees, Recycled Glass Lime renders.
Rain water harvesting systems with no pumps, gravity fed.
Low EMF electrical systems. 
Bespoke paving, dug from the site, machined / cut carved and laid. 
Bespoke Curved glassBespoke curved and helical metal work. 
Wood grain faced concrete formwork. 
Wood formed into a building in a helical snail shell. 

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